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Ochi Insiders

A feature of the Guava Jelly Guide of which we are particularly proud… OCHI INSIDERS is an ever-widening Q&A profile series of some of the town’s wonderful business folk.

We have the participation of eighteen wonderful Insiders so far — with several more on the way — and you can read their answers to our questions on what makes them tick on our OCHI INSIDERS’ HALL OF FAME.

We will be featuring more Insiders from more walks of life ‘ongoingly’ so keep checking back!


Ochi Local Heroes

A tri-monthly promotion in which you may nominate an “Ochi Local Hero” of your choice to win a prize.

Perhaps a teacher, your mum, your dad, a policeman, your favourite bartender; anyone worthy of recognition for their selfless work in the community, or for just being who they are or brilliant at what they do!

The chosen winner will receive a certificate and a CASH PRIZE, and we hope to capture the interest of a local media channel to help publicise each and every occasion.

Launches January 2020 >


Ocho Rios Town

We love Ocho Rios enough to feel it deserves a visual identity of its own.

We created this cheery, colourful, playful and almost retrospective logo — unofficially of course — to promote and differentiate the town itself from the main Guava Jelly Guide graphics.

The more visually aware among you will notice that each of our Ochi logos shares a typographical characteristic to give all of what we do a ‘family’ appearance.