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Ochi Local Heroes is a forthcoming quarterly promotion from the Guava Jelly Guide in which members of the public may nominate a suitable person of their choice for a chance to win a prize.

Perhaps a teacher, your mum, your babymum, a policeman, your dad, your favourite bartender, a rockin’ reverend — just someone worthy of recognition for their selfless work in the community, or for just being who they are or brilliant at what they do!

FREE TO ENTER, you can email us or use our soon-to-be-available Ochi Local Heroes Contact Form to send us the required details of your chosen person. We will then gather together and consider all entries before picking and announcing the winner who will then be presented with a CERTIFICATE and a CASH PRIZE (to be announced).

This token of appreciation was created to honour unsung folks who make a contribution to their community, local group or, not least of all, their family.

A nominee could be a cherished relative or someone involved in local business, voluntary work, community, working with the disadvantaged or to have displayed courage in overcoming a personal adversity. Whatever their field it is appropriate to give a ‘thank you’ for their inspiration and contribution in making the world a better place for all. And should your nominee be unsuccessful, please feel free to enter them again.

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The following criteria will be considered:

  1. What has this person done that has inspired you to make this nomination?

  2. How does the contribution of your nominee positively impact their community and/or those around them?

  3. Describe the qualities of this person.

  4. If this is something that they are doing for work or study, what have they done to go above and beyond?

  5. Have there been any challenges they have had to overcome?

  6. How would winning this award impact your nominee?

  7. Terms and Conditions will apply.

We will be announcing the first occasion of Ochi Local Heroes in January 2020 beginning with a poster and flyer campaign around the town as well as on social media.

More details to follow — watch this space!