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Copyright for images within this website and within montage images posted is as follows. Some images originally posted to Flickr and/or Wiki are used under the Creative Commons CC 2.0 or 2.5 Generic, 3.0 ShareAlike Unported, 4.0 ShareAlike, and some are Public Domain (PD).

Adobe Stock — Turtle River Gardens; Ochi Views; Nightclubbing; Dunn’s River Falls; White River Rafting; Jerk Chicken; Club Girls
Alamy — Market Seller; Coconut Water Stall; Turtle River Park
Dreamstime — Fern Gully; Turtle Beach; Ochi Police
iStock — Palm Trees
Shutterstock — Methodist Church; Olde Craft Market; Ocean Village; Footballing Youths; Currency; Street Singer

Bob B Brown CC 2.0 — Amnesia Club
Ishamari Colon PD — Blue Hole
Dubdem Sound System CC 2.0 — Main Street at Dusk; Bob Marley Mausoleum Gate; Reggae Vinyl Records
Emha CC 3.0 — Romain Virgo
Enrospr PD — Bob Marley Mausoleum
CC 3.0 — Millipede
Gailf548 CC 2.0 — Ackee and Saltfish
id23 Unsplash — Banana Spider

James Gathany PD — Mosquito
CC 4.0 — Jamaican Boa
Christopher Henry CC 2.0 — Cricket
Kartfamily CC 2.0 — Dolphin Cove
Katka Nemčoková CC 3.0 — Forty Leg
Keatssycamore CC 2.0 — Mahogany Beach
Karl Kyhl CC 2.0 — Bar Interior
Kyle James CC 2.0 — Buses at Pier
Jason Lam CC 2.0 — Beef Patty
Ricardo Mangual CC 2.0 — Souvenir Stall
Manumilou CC 2.0 — Burning Spear
Marufish CC 2.0 — Fire Ants
Holley & Chris Melton CC 2.0 — Pregnant Scorpion
Dave O CC 2.0 — Bar Shelf
Chris Parker CC 2.0 — Bob Marley Mausoleum; View from Nine Mile
Arnold Paul CC 2.5 — Sand Flea
Jannes Pockele CC 2.0 — Lizard
Callie Reed CC 2.0 — Green Grotto Caves
Chris Short CC 2.0 — Jamaica Bobsled
Siamesepuppy CC 2.0 — Cockroach
Roger W CC 2.0 — Bauxite Works

Bush Life Jamaica — Coconut Water Lady
Jack Ruby’s Restaurant — Jack Meets Bob; Interior
Jamaica Tourist Board — Mystic Mountain Water Slide; Girl in Pool
Jangalee Seafood — Seafood
John Crow’s Tavern — John Crow’s Tavern
Kim Gottlieb — Justin Hinds & The Dominoes
Miss T’s Kitchen — Miss T’s Interiors; Cocktail; Waitresses
Ocho Rios Jerk Centre — Jerk Platters
Our Lady of Fatima RC Church — Church Interior
Pleasure Cove — Pleasure Cove
Chris Rookwood — Various
Chris Wilson — Various

Thanks a squillion too to our Ochi Insiders for the use of their respective images.

Please note: In compiling the content for this website, and the Guava Jelly Guide booklet itself, we have attempted to secure 'editorial' Fair Use of all images used, however there may be an image or two for which we were unable to trace the copyright holder. If you are the legal holder, or designated agent for such, please contact us by e-mail at