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Meet Storm


A very sunny Jamaican ‘good morning’ to OurweTv Anchor Host Semegnesh Bryan, or Storm to the adoring masses, channeling daily good vibes from Ocho Rios to all across the island.

OurweTv is one vibrant channel… what is your Mission?

Our Mission at OurweTv is to enhance the lives of entrepreneurs and the people they serve, through the application of business best practices.

What area do you cover?

Our coverage is to the whole island. St Ann mostly because that's our base, however we have been to Portland, Kingston, St Mary and Montego Bay. And, intriguingly, very soon we will be stepping into the International waters!

Your emphasis on events and entertainment is refreshing… who decides the schedule?

None other than the producer and my camera man for most of the time... Starr Roberts aka Starzz. 

Did you have previous “lights, camera, action” experience or did you just dive in to this exciting media world?

Not on a professional level but I've done several hosting gigs at pageants, several role plays in the church and also during my college days! I was one of the hosts on the radio station previously operated by the man Starzz, starzfm online.

You are clearly passionate about Ochi… any changes you would like to see in the town?

Yes!!! More family orientated hang outs. A bowling alley, skating rinks, and a mall similar to the Sovereign Centre in Kingston.

Do carrots scream when you chop them?

I do not know, but they sound very crunchy when I eat them!


Tune in to OurweTv on Ready TV channels 100 and 950 to view Ochiful happenings with the eternally glamorous Storm and Starzz. To get involved, email the team at, check out their dedicated YouTube channel at @ourwetv, visit online at and/or over on Instagram and Facebook.

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