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Meet Simone


Dr Simone Johnally runs her veterinary practice in St Ann and St Mary, making animals better and improving the health of pets since 2018.

Did you train and qualify in Jamaica?

I studied at UWI, St Augustine in Trinidad and Tobago to attain my DVM before registering with the Jamaica Veterinary Board to practice on the island.

What is the best part of your job?

Contributing to the recovery of an animal and seeing them return to their usual playful self. It’s a rewarding feeling knowing that a life has been changed.

What is the most exotic or unusual animal you have treated?

Easy, her name is Sammy. About 2 years ago, I joined a team of volunteers undertaking the rehabilitation of a Loggerhead sea turtle who washed up on the shores of Trinidad. Once she was well enough, we were able to release her.

Cuddling puppies is one thing but have you ever had to deal with crocs and other bitey creatures?

The only crocs I’ll be seeing are the ones on my feet!

What type of pet would you most like to own? (Unicorns permitted!)

I’m a big dog lover and I’ve literally dreamed for the last few years about a Chocolate Brown Labrador going on adventures with me and even saving me. One day I hope to raise one from the early puppy stages and have a lifetime friend.

Is there anywhere else in the world you would love to do what you are doing?

Traveling is definitely on my to do list but currently I am committed to practicing my profession in my home country first and spreading that impact to the Caribbean.

On the flip side, we hear you love Latin dancing too! Sounds exciting…

Currently I host and teach Noche Latina, which is an event held every Wednesday at John Crow’s Tavern featuring free Latin dance classes, music and a menu of popular Latin dishes. It’s a cultural pot of Spanish and English speaking nationals united by their shared interest in what may be a new hobby for some, or the feeling of home for others.

Are there any changes you would like to see in Ocho Rios and St Ann?

A reboot to the nightlife scene with new activities in which tourists and locals alike can engage.

Do carrots scream when you chop them?

Only if you don’t cut the head off first!


Dr Simone M Johnally: “Bringing my passion for animals to the comfort of your home, I offer house calls and appointments (location based) to meet all your animals’ needs” including check-ups, vaccinations, nutrition management and emergency treatment. Find out more and make contact via Instagram and Facebook.

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