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Meet Shadae


Your hair sets the tone for your entire look. Slay them on your Big Day or whatever the party with the skillful assistance of Dae Glamz stylist, Shadae Patterson.

Our first question for you to untangle… what started you on the road to the hair styling profession?

Well I grew up in a family of boys — and my mom and aunts had no hairstyling skills whatsoever, so I used to wear the worst hairstyles in my primary days lol. But when I reached high school I would see the many styles, and would try things out on myself until I got it to a good enough standard.

I began to style the hair of my friends and family and they would always give me very good feedback. After leaving school I tried working in many different professions but they weren’t for me — hair was and will always be my passion!

May we ask, what sort of work experience and training have you done?

I have never been to a school for Cosmetology, I am self taught. I would just see a style and recreate it instinctively. My sisters were my little guinea pigs lol. (Shhhh… don’t tell them I said so lol.)

At what point did you get that ‘inner boost’ to go freelance?

I decided to go freelance after working with a lady in her salon and not feeling comfortable working there (I hope she is not reading this lol). My thoughts were: no Shadae this is not you… go make bread on your own terms.

How would you advise/consult with a client on adopting a new hair style?

First I listen to my clients, hear them out on what they like and dislike about their own hair and other styles. Once I build up a picture, then I can offer some advice. Wow… most of the time I end up choosing the style for them!

What’s the craziest or most difficult style you’ve been asked to accomplish?

Hmmmmmm let me think… the most difficult style I’ve been asked to do was to make a pixie cut wig. Chiiiiiiiiile… I was super nervous because it was the first time I had done something like that. But I rose to the challenge and, as it turned out, I was super happy with the result.

How do you keep up-to-date on the latest hair trends?

YouTube is my best friend and I also follow a lot of stylists and their techniques online.

As a ‘mobile’ type of business, would you ever fancy traveling overseas with your work?

Of course I would — right now if I could do so lol — that’s where I would like to go, and enrol into Cosmetology to take things to a higher level.

A professional tip if that’s okay! I have frizzy, damaged hair — what’s the quickest solution?

I would suggest you use a hot oil treatment every two weeks, so that the hair can absorb all the moisture to help with the frizz and repair the damage. Key point: moisturise your hair daily.

What would you do if you were able to give Ocho Rios its own restyle and makeover?

Firstly I would get all the homeless safely off the street, paint the buildings in brighter colours, and sprinkle a lot of love in everyone’s heart.

Do carrots scream when you chop them?

Lol… funnily enough, they do tend to squeal a lot when I am chopping off their hair lol.


For an initial Hair and Beauty chat and consultation with Dae Glamz, or to book an appointment, call Shadae on 876-428-3733, email or keep up with all of her hairworthy happenings over at Facebook and Instagram.

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