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Meet Rika


Located right in the centre of town at the Little Pub Complex, Rika’s Delishus Treats is an Ochi oasis of scrumptious foodie temptations, run by Rika since 2018.

Apart from a passion for desserts, and who could disagree, what inspired you to set this up?

Actually, the business was started by my mom. After operating it for about a year, she passed it down to me because I saw the potential that it has and I always had these great ideas in mind for what it can offer. I naturally have a business oriented mind, so this falls perfectly in sync with what I love.

How do you prepare for the day ahead?

Each day starts off a bit differently. However, the key to have everything up and running is to have an early start; this is necessary as it allows us to get all that we need to be ready to serve at opening time.

Having happy customers all day must be a constant joy. What is their most popular choice?

Happy customers are indeed a joy. Our protein shakes are a top seller, especially because we are located on the same complex as a gym. On the sweeter side, our Oreo Milkshake is the best one in town ;-) Our delicious shakes can be paired with a variety of sandwiches that we have available. 

Have you noticed an increasing tourist trade downtown?

Yes I have noticed an increase since some of the ships have started to come back to the Ocho Rios port to dock. Ochi without a doubt is very beautiful with a lot of attractions and tourists can’t help but to visit this town when they come to Jamaica, whether they come by ship or stay in our hotels.

How eco-friendly can an Ochi take-away business be in these times?

I believe the new laws that have been passed on plastic and foam in the country forces us to be more eco-friendly. Outside of what is required by law, a take-away business like myself can be innovative in coming up with ways in which they can encourage customers to recycle. Example: I have an initiative in place currently where I give discounts on smoothies and shakes if you bring your own container, e.g. a Mason Jar. This helps to eliminate the use of plastic containers from my store in a rewarding way.

You have other interests too, your artistic side for one… what is your ultimate goal?

From a very tender age I realised that I was gifted with a lot of different talents and as a result, I tried to tap in on each one as much I can. Growing up I always wanted to have my own art gallery. Now that I have Delishusss Treats, the goal is to combine the two in a very interesting way. Something great is about to come!

How do you think Ocho Rios could be made a better place for all?

I have lived in other places and I can say that Ocho Rios is one of the best places to be. However, any improvements should start with the people. Even though fixed bins have been placed on almost every corner, people are still littering which leads to clogged drains. Maybe incentives can be put in place in an effort to encourage proper garbage disposal.

Do carrots scream when you chop them?

Yes… yes they do. And when there is carrot cake involved, things can get messy!


Rika’s Delishus Treats can be found at the Little Pub Complex (by Island Grill). There are oodles of photos of creamy delights to swoon over and many a happy-looking customer too over on Instagram and Facebook.

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