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Meet Regina


Meet Regina Williams, proprietor of Qutie’s Bar. After spells of bartendery all over the place, she now promotes party nights and runs the family biz in Ochi.

Tell us a bit about Qutie’s Bar.

Run by my family since 1989, the bar is in a great central spot to comfortably enjoy a drink or two. We sell all kinds of liquor, cool beers, cocktails and shots.

Your main customer base — tourists or locals?

Both... we serve our many regulars daily and we offer a warm welcome to the many tourists who visit our end of town.

So how do you promote an event or party, do you do this alone or as part of a team?

Events management is something I love — there is always a lot happening and it is a great way of being part of the pulse. Under the name Clean Skin, my team and I promote Tipsy Saturday every week at my Qutie’s Bar. Why not join us!

What, if anything else, would you really love to do?

To have a bigger spot — and to open a seafood restaurant with a smoking room, and of course a cocktail bar too.

What changes to Ocho Rios would you like to see?

The homeless need more attention, a dedicated center so they can come off the streets is a necessity, and perhaps local businesses could assist to provide food and supplies.

Do carrots scream when you chop them?

They calm down after a massage and a bottle of Magnum.

Qutie’s Bar is on Main Street, opposite the Singer store. It is co-joined to the Chosen Restaurant, another part of the family business.

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