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Meet Pastor Paulette


Say a huge ‘Hi’ to Pastor Paulette Bourne of Inside Out Church International. In and around Ochi on a Sunday? You're very welcome to pop along!

When did you first realise this was your calling?

In 2005, even though I didn’t fully embrace the call of God until 9 years later in 2014.

Describe a typical day.

Prayer is a big part of my life, rather it is my life. My day begins before 5am, I do my personal devotion, then corporate prayer. I share and expound on a scripture and take prayer request.

Do tourists ever come and join in the service?

No, not as yet. However I am praying that, as we grow, they will come and share in the Inside Out Experience!

What, if anything else, would you really love to do?

World mission and travel! I would love to impact the world for Jesus — to showcase His love, praying, helping and teaching.

Is there a ‘universal message’ you would like to share?

God is love and He loves all mankind. And He is not willing for any to perish, but that all would accept Jesus as Lord and savior. Hell is a real place, not made for man, and Jesus' return is sure.

What changes to Ocho Rios would you like to see?

Better inclusion of locals as the town develops, effecting positively on structural changes put in place for tourism.

Do carrots scream when you chop them?

I think so because who would want to be chopped to death!


Inside Out Church International is located at 9 DaCosta Drive, just behind Turtle River Park. You can also join Pastor Paulette on Instagram or Facebook and on not one but three websites… count ‘em:, and

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