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Meet Patrice


It’s Showtime everyone! Occasional all-round entertainer Patrice of QSoul Promotions handles Events Management and Social Media for small to mid-size businesses and some high profile stuff too.

So what’s your story, Patrice, you have just recently moved to Ochi have you not?

I am originally from Kingston, Jamaica! My family and I always came to Ocho Rios on vacation, so my love for the parish started from there. In April 2019, as Social Media Manager for the IssaTrust Foundation’s ‘An Evening with Air Supply’, I was quickly reminded of the beauty of Ocho Rios and could not bring myself to leave. Now I call it home!

To someone who has not a clue about such things, what is Events Management, what does it involve?

Events Management covers the planning of an Event, logistics (delegating where everything should go), backstage work and production, and contacting services such as vendors — helping to monitor certain tasks to make the Event magical!

You might have to explain Social Media to some of us too…

Social Media Management or Marketing involves enhancing a business, service or product through Social Media Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. I put together content for each page and work with my clients to gain more followers and participation/engagement on their page. Go check out one of my retainer clients on Instagram — @cosmicwombman

It all sounds like fun.

Thank you! I love what I do and fully enjoy it!

Do you ever get to rub shoulders with anyone famous? (Any scandals you want to share?)

I do rub shoulders with some famous people. One event I did this year… doing Public Relations with the Alacran Foundation — @alacranfoundation — allowed me to meet the Reggae Girlz, Tessanne Chynn, Richie Stephens, Romain Virgo and Taye Diggs. (Sorry, no scandals to tell as my No.1 rule is the confidentiality of my clients.)

Our spies inform us that you love to perform — acting and singing and things…

Yes I’ve been performing from when I was 5 years old! I have had the privilege to sing at some major Events in Jamaica and abroad and have worked with the likes of Capleton, AJ Brown, Turbulence, and sang with Father Holung & Friends, to name a few. I now sing with popular Roots Rock Reggae band, The Uprising Roots — @theuprisingroots. Acting was a spin-off from my poetry days and since then I’ve been an extra in several short films and now doing Cultural pieces, for example a Louise Bennett Monologue that I did a few months back!

Future plans? Any career goals yet to be fulfilled?

With my experiences, I would like to further expand QSoul Promotions and have workshops focusing on Social Media Management for small businesses. I am also in the process of putting together my clothing line! Sky is most definitely NOT the limit… lol.

If God came down on his hovercloud and tasked you with sorting out Ochi, what would you do?

Oh Lord these questions... lol. But if God tasked me to sort out Ochi, I would set up a business summit where all the business owners meet under one roof and share their craft. Ochi will continue to grow with more things to do and the prices would be more affordable for locals and tourists.

Do carrots scream when you chop them?

I would be so fascinated by the carrot's first scream, that it would probably live to see another day. Lol!!! But watch now cause if me hungry is a different t’ing… lol.


QSoul Promotions: “I am a freelancer who specializes in Social Media and Brand Management, Events Planning and Entertainment Publicity. I handle the writing of Press Releases, Bios and Campaigns. A graduate of Heart Runaway Bay, I have experience within the Tourism sector.” Contact Patrice via email at or through Facebook and Instagram.

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