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Meet Francesca


For those occasions when you need to sparkle and shine, Francesca Dolce is a certified makeup artist, specialising in bridal and beauty through her Ochi-based business Dolce Beauté.

Did you train and/or qualify as a beautician, are you a natural, or all of these things?

I am a natural of course ;-) with enhancement through City & Guilds where I became a certified makeup artist. My training covered areas of makeup application and skin care along with extensive practice. I am trained to produce a perfect look all day long, its not just about looking good but also making a personal statement.

The day begins… how do you prepare for your work?

Because my day normally ends by cleaning, sanitising and organising for the next appointment, so my day would begin with adorning myself first before I go out there and ‘rock and roll’.

Do you spend much time traveling around to see your clients?

The biggest challenge for this industry is in building a steady clientele, so as a result I mostly travel to my clients to provide my service in a comfortable environment of the their choice, convenient to the occasion.    

Weddings must play a major part of your day-to-day business…

I have a passion for doing weddings and being a part of the preparation — playing an important part in making the day more special. I am pleased to say that the majority of my clients are future brides.

Who would be your ultimate fantasy makeover subject, and why? Go on, we won’t tell…

My ultimate fantasy makeover subject… mmmmh let me see… the actress Gabrielle Union, or then there’s our own Jamaican TV queen Yendi Phillips. I am particularly amazed by their warm and bubbly personalities. I need not mention their beauty!

Is there scope for expansion in what you do? Any ambitions?

But of course! My ambition is to open a store similar to that of international beauty chain Sephora right here in Jamaica. A makeup one-stop shop where you can find every makeup brand you can think of, from high-end to low-end products. It would be filled with qualified and professional makeup artists and offering testing and consultation to our customers.

Do you have one basic but essential beauty tip for our readers?

One beauty tip is to always exfoliate! Healthy Skin = Flawless Application.

Are there any improvements you would like to see in Ochi and St Ann?

Just for folks to make an effort keep the place tidy… we should all try to make the world a more beautiful place and this begins at home.

Do carrots scream when you chop them?

Funnily enough, carrots do scream when you chop them lol.


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