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Jamaican food sizzles with sunshine and heat. Ocho Rios is served well by the food of all nations and the usual restaurant chains — but it would be rude not to focus on the blessed island cuisine, the best of the bunch.

This is why for ‘when in Rome’ reasons we do not as yet list International food outlets* — would you really come all this way and not gorge yourself on the gorgeous native offerings?

Many of the so-called ‘all-inclusives’ [which they are not] prefer their guests not to venture beyond the gates for whatever feigned rationale, taking away a lot of the tourist business from the local restaurants and bars.

To escape from wristband-required obligation and going out to sample the local food certainly beats queuing three times a day like ants at a picnic for yet another ho-hum ‘all-inclusive’ buffet.

*But for those who just can’t resist floating a large vindaloo on top of a belly full of Red Stripe, we will be adding a ‘selected selection’ of restaurants serving the food of faraway lands later.

Street Food to Die For

Tasty jerk will make your fillings sizzle.

Tasty jerk will make your fillings sizzle.

Street food, glorious street food. Come early evening, the sounds and smells gather roadside as jerk carts are fired up to fill the street with the sweetest smoke and the most chickenous of temptings.

Street food is fresh and delicious. Hot jerk chicken straight off the grill, freshly cleavered and wrapped in foil with an extra squirt of hot sauce (and a piece of white bread to cool your boots) will blow your socks off.

On weekend nights during Farmers’ Market, the street food gathering at the Market entrance is quite a commotion. Chefs come from all over to rumble your tummy in a dark, smoking frizzle-fest of dutchie pots, bubbling away over charcoal stoves repurposed from the wheels of cars. Just watch your step on the rubbly ground.

“Overnight boiled dumplings, fried…”

Try fry chicken, fry fish, steam fish, bammy, festival, fry dumplings and curry goat. Jamaicans love a generous helping of rice ‘n’ peas, mix veg and callaloo on the side too. Look out for the little Boston jerk pork cart… and if you can find that elusive guy who sometimes pops up to sell bully beef sandwiches, all Heaven will break loose!

Restaurants We Love

Food, Dutchies - Miss T's.jpg

While it’s convenient enough to grab a quick, delicious spicy beef patty or two from one of the island fast food chains (see bottom of page), there is an abundance of cookshops and restaurants to make your mouth water and your belly full, serving up real island fare all the way down the busy strip of Main Street and beyond.

“Nuff gravy ‘pon de rice…”

For those we heartily, hungrily recommend for a real Jamaican sit-your-batty-down experience, tuck in your bib and read on.


Our first-up foodie heaven at 65 Main Street with its open-plan, all-Jamaican crazy decor (above and right). This gorgeous award-winning ‘restaurant to the stars’ has dished up “Nice Jamaica Country Cookin’” since 2009. For the latest adventures with Miss T and the gang, view their Website or Facebook and Instagram. Read Anna-Kay’s OCHI INSIDER page. Look on the map for Yellow 1

Miss T's Interior 2.jpg


Main Street (formerly Centre Spot), opposite the Singer store. Small, cosy, no-frills restaurant run by the same family since 1989. Serving the national dish of ackee and saltfish, brown stew pork, fry chicken, mackerel and red bean soup. And Wilson’s favourite breakfast: kidneys and callaloo with a couple of saltfish fritters. Yellow 2


Just inside the Market off Main Street, this homely cookshop, family-run since 1984, is always bright and cheery, and usually packed with market folks spooning down the delicious red bean soup. Yellow 3


This diner on Evelyn Street is just opposite the Police Station, so behave yourself. Decor is simple enough but the tasty food is bargainous: oxtail, curry goat, fry chicken, steam fish, and a rainbow of fresh juices. Yellow 4


Delightful little Ocean Village hole-in-the-wall in with friendly service and daily-changing menu. There are tables outside under the large gazebo where you can sit and eat with the locals. Yellow 5


52 Main Street, right next to the big storm gully. Varied menu (their scrumptious jerk burger repays a glance), an open air seating option, and live reggae every Saturday night. For more useful Mongooseful info on other weekly events such as Martini Thursdayz and Ignite Fridayz, find them on Instagram and Facebook. Yellow 6


Right at the heart of James Avenue so expect a bit of revelry from the street... it’s Jamaica after all! With an emphasis on seafood, the cooking and service is excellent and the place is a popular gathering spot for local families on Sundays — always a good sign. Yellow 7

AdobeStock_202635678 small.jpg


On DaCosta Drive, back of Turtle River Park just by the gas station interchange, is a haven for jerk lovers (pictured) to take away or sit down to stuff their faces in the big wooden atrium or the bar area front of restaurant. The succulent jerk pork and platter are exceptional and will freak you out. Instagram and Facebook. Yellow 8

Food, Jerk Centre Platter 2.jpg


59 Main Street. A bakery with a sort of Jamaican pizzeria, but — here’s the deal clincher — they do a top notch hot jerk chicken sandwich and are Wilson’s #1 provider of emergency cheesecake. A pleasant out-front shady seating area awaits you too. Yellow 9

Jack Rubys - Unknown.jpg


Brightly coloured walls and rustic decor (pictured) with a side order of reggae grace this spotless den of esculent eatables at the top of James Avenue. The restaurant is named after the music legend, and located in the Jack Ruby Plaza near the site of the great man’s recording studio. Yellow 10


Along Main Street to the east of town. Hibiscus Lodge’s own restaurant has a gorgeous clifftop location and garden walkways. Perhaps get there early before the views are diminished when the Jamaica sun sets around 6 each evening. Visit their Website or find them on Instagram and Facebook. Yellow 11

Food, Seafood - Jangalee.jpg


There are a dozen cookshops to tickle your fancy at this clinical revamp of the old Fisherman’s Beach. Two we know so far:

Jangalee Seafood (pictured) — hook up on Instagram and Facebook. Yellow 12

Lobster Dave's — catch the latest over on their Website or Instagram. Yellow 13

And there are not many places on earth where fans of the James Bond movies can feast on amazing seafood whilst gazing over at the headquarters of Dr No!


…& Steak House. Along the Ochi Bypass just before you get to Irie FM. “Since 1999, this garden oasis has served up scrumptious seafood and mouth-watering dishes to locals and travelers alike.” Get a taste of their fulsome seafood and steak menu over on Instagram and Facebook. Yellow 14

Veggie & Ital

Derived from the word ‘vital’, Ital (or I-tal) is the food of the Rastafarian, a vegetarian diet to promote health and energy. Natural and from the earth, any processed foods and meat are out. For both spiritual and health reasons, then, Ital increases livity, the “universal energy and life force that flows through us all” (it says here).


Ocean Village is home to this cute veggie cookshop and health food store... let them big up themselves: “We specialize in teas, vitamins, herbs, juices, grains and books.” Yellow 15


Head up to the east of Main Street right opposite the Hibiscus Lodge to find this sweet, no-problem cookshop with a revitalising menu of freshly prepared Ital and veggie goodies. Facebook and Instagram. Yellow 16

And last but not least...


DaCosta Drive. Ital is vital and the healthy Rastafari food of choice. Rookwood’s favourite, lovely veggie food and fresh juices abound in this hallowed joint, which sells gift items, packaged foodstuffs and befitting items of clothing too. Yellow 17

Ackee and Saltfish - gailf548 2.0.jpg

Ice Cream & Tasty Treats

Not strictly speaking Jamaican cooking but ice cream is a tasty treat nonetheless whenever the sun is shining — which is every day! You can really taste the rum in the rum ‘n’ raisin — more than two of these and It’s Time To Party!


On DaCosta Drive just a short walk from the Clock Tower (with another at Island Village). See Instagram and Facebook. Yellow 18

“Enjoy life before it melts!”


This rather sexy-sounding ice cream parlour is located at 67 Ocean Village to the right of the triangular green and on Facebook, but try not to lick the screen. Yellow 19


An independent smoothie, juice, protein shake and milkshake bar at the Little Pub Complex by Island Grill. (Wraps, hot dogs and ciabattas and things are also on the go.) Owner Rika is one of our esteemed OCHI INSIDERS, and there are lots of photos to swoon over on Instagram and Facebook. Yellow 20

Food, Delishus Treats.jpg


Self-serve frozen yogurt parlour at the Eight Rivers mall, selling a variety of ‘froyo’ flavors with lots of toppings. More info on Instagram and Facebook. Yellow 21

“Slay them with sweetness!”


Shop 28, Ocean Village. Sweets and now soft serve ice cream too. “The widest selection of candy for whatever the occasion... be it corporate, birthdays, weddings, showers, anything... let us give it The Wow Factor.” Instagram and Facebook. Yellow 22

“Life is short, make it sweet!”


Shop 28, Ocean Village. “Create your own unique delicious milkshakes using chocolates and sweets sourced from the UK!” Instagram and Facebook. Yellow 23

Jamaican ‘Fast Food’ Chains

Island Grill breakfast — now just  you  try eating yam with a plastic fork!

Island Grill breakfast — now just you try eating yam with a plastic fork!

Food, Beef Patty - Jason Lam 2.0.jpg

We should soon be adding this bitesome bunch of Jamaican chain restaurants to our map too.

ISLAND GRILL serves breakfasts, jerk and amazing BBQ from their Little Pub Complex premises. “Our own special BBQ, Jerk and Yabbas have all the goodness that makes island cooking delicious and exciting.” Have a look at their Website.

JUICI PATTIES, located opposite the Clock Tower with another at the Eight Rivers Plaza, put the emphasis on the delicious staple Jamaican patty (you’ll need more than one, washed down with a grape soda). See the Website.

MOTHERS offers breakfasts, fried chicken and patties at 17 Main Street right opposite the Clock Tower. “Fully Jamaican-owned, our priority is to serve and empower our people with true Jamaican pride.” Visit their Website.

CAPTAIN'S BAKERY for typical Jamaican fast food fare but with extra points awarded for their pastries and cakes and stuff. Look for the big yellow and red pole thing on Rennie Street which runs parallel to DaCosta Drive.