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We are delighted to be associated with this very worthy cause. This organisation was created to “uplift a child and feed a mind” in the parish of St Mary by CEO Trish Morant with friends of The School Project, Jamaica.

“Education is key for any child to have a chance at leading a successful life, but without proper nourishment no child will be able to concentrate enough in school to acquire knowledge.

“In impoverished communities across the island of Jamaica, many parents are struggling to feed their families due to economic hardships, and many children miss out on school due to lack of sustenance. This is not acceptable.

“The goal of Barrel of LoVe is to feed as many children as possible throughout the school year, helping one school/one parish at a time. It costs approximately as little as 1,250 Jamaican Dollars, the equivalent of a mere 10 US Dollars, to provide lunch for one child for one week.

“Donations made will go directly to a school on behalf of the child and/or children who are in need. No donation is too small, because every child has a purpose, and any mind that is malnourished is a crime against humanity.”

For further information and enquiries please feel free to contact Trish at

Barrel of LoVe has a GoFundMe fundraising portal… please help if you are able!

The following images show the June 2019 visit to the wonderful children and staff of Oracabessa Primary School to raise awareness of the Barrel of LoVe campaign.

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Images © 2019 Trish Morant/Barrel of LoVe